Curbed and scratched visual example on Subaru wheel

Curbed & Scratched Wheels

Ever scratch your rims on a curb at a drive through? We fix that.

Curb rash, scraped, gouged, ground rims. Whatever you want to call it, there was contact between the wheel and an unintentional object and YES, even though it wasn’t you, NO you’re not the only one that it has happened to. Bad things happen to good wheels/rims and we’re here to help.

This can happen from everyday driving with potholes, drive-through curbs, shoulders, etc. Don’t worry if the paint is no more. Perhaps even some metal. Maybe even a chunk! We see this every day and we’ll make it right again. We’ll smooth out the damage, match the existing wheel color and get you back on the road with your same wheel looking as good as new. Oh, and we remove the wheel from the car while we’re working on it so there’s no overspray on the rest of your car.

Our wheel specialists are all trained to custom match every wheel they put their hands on. We carry stock colors and we custom mix just as often. We have the ability to professionally match any color using an industry-standard color matching system. We use industrial grade automotive paints and finishes to ensure your wheel/rim is properly repaired.

Curbed & Scratched Wheels
Fire red powder coating example on Chevrolet wheel

Powder Coating and Custom Coloring

Ever see hot wheels that look just amazing? Powder Coating produces the best finish currently on the market.

The primary reason is the quality of the finish and paint hardness giving it a great look with improved longevity over standard paints. The smooth, even finish simply can’t be duplicated by spray coatings. Another reason people choose powder is that it coats the whole wheel/rim, not just the face. This gives a longer functional life to the wheel as it is sealed from oxidation and has a renewed bead sealing surface for mating to the tire.

Our powder coating process includes: full immersion in our eco-friendly paint removal acid followed by a high pressure wash, sandblasting to remove corrosion, and hot bake powder coating. We do it right-and the results show it.

Powder Coating is the preferred method for Custom Coloring as we start fresh from bare metal. We offer an endless variety of colors and finishes ranging from ‘Bama Red to Copper to Mirror Black, we’ve got a color choice for you.

Powder Coating and Custom Coloring
Bent wheel example

Bent and Cracked Wheels

If you drive in Central Pennsylvania, you understand - potholes happen...and then bent and cracked wheels/rims. Enter Wheel Straightening.

You’ve been there: someone nailed a pothole with the car and now there’s a shimmy or wobble - something just isn’t quite right. You may have a bent wheel/rim. If it’s losing air, it may be cracked as well.

With the trend towards bigger rims and [naturally] lower profile tires to make room for those wheels, there is less of a buffer between the wheel and the road. As a result, an impact does more damage to the wheel/rim and we’re seeing a growing demand for Wheel Straightening.

We use patented equipment and methods to straighten your wheel back to factory specification.

Occasionally wheels encounter an impact so hard that they crack. A cracked wheel will also start losing air. We straighten the wheels and then Tig-weld the crack by fusing the aluminum together to eliminate air loss and restore wheel integrity.

Bent and Cracked Wheels
CNC-machined wheel example

CNC Machined Wheels

We re-manufacture your wheel using a specialized lathe.

CNC machined wheels simply have a face that is cut on a machine (essentially a large, finely tuned lathe). If you look close, it will have very small lines on the wheel face. Often mistaken for two-tone or a silver-faced wheel, these wheels commonly have a contrasting, pocket-like black or many shades of gray, producing an eye-catching look. We remanufacture these wheels/rims on our CNC, evenly removing material in fine increments across the wheel yielding a near perfect finished wheel.

CNC Machined Wheels
Finish failure and corrosion example on BMW wheel

Finish Failure and Corrosion

Peeling, flaking, bubbling, cracking, spider webish, drove through a barb wire fence - all of these and more have described various types and stages of finish failure.

The finish isn’t right anymore. The bottom line? One, multiple, or all of the paint layers are separating from the wheel/rim. Unfortunately, this occurs on many vehicles. It can show up from clear cracking in a pattern like a broken windshield to sheets of the top layers of paint pulling away. This is often a result of corrosion (essentially rust, just a different color) or simple contamination somewhere in the previous coating process.

Corrosion is caused by bare metal exposure to the elements; natural oxidation occurs. Not only does it ruin the paint finish but, given enough time, it will considerably eat away the metal. (If it’s let go too long, you’ll be replacing the wheel/rim - ouch!) Sometimes a bad run will go through a factory and thousands of wheels, once looking brand, new will deteriorate much faster than they should.

We correct this problem using our Powder Coating method. Why? Because we don’t want the problem to come back. We remove all the nonsense and start fresh from bare metal. See our Powder Coating section for more details.

Finish Failure and Corrosion

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