When bad things happen to good wheels, we’re here to make your wheels like new again.

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11 Old Willow Mill Road
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050
Powder Coating

Our Story

Wheel Worx started in 2005 when we saw the opportunity to start a wheel/rim repair company due to the cost of replacing wheels. The demand for this service forced us to expand and grow the business, adding multiple mobile units as well as a fixed location. We also added other services beyond the cosmetic repair such as rim straightening, CNC machining and powder coating. We are committed to above industry quality and customer service that goes above and beyond to please our customers.

We stand apart from our competitors through the quality of our work and dedication to our clients. We strive to produce above industry quality and when our clients need us, we’re there.

About Wheel Worx

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Curbed & Scratched Wheels

Ever scratch your rims on a curb at a drive through? We fix that.

Powder Coating & Custom Coloring

Ever see hot wheels that look just amazing? Powder Coating produces the best finish currently on the market.

Bent and Cracked Wheels

If you drive in Central Pennsylvania, you understand - potholes happen...and then bent and cracked wheels. Enter Wheel Straightening.

Finish Failure and Corrosion

Peeling, flaking, bubbling, cracking, spider webish, drove through a barb wire fence - all of these and more have described various types and stages of finish failure.

CNC Machined Wheels

We re-manufacture your wheel using a specialized lathe.
Not every wheel can be repaired. Sometimes a wheel just can’t be fixed or is no longer safe to repair. We inspect every wheel and give you our professional opinion. No worries, if we can’t fix it, we won’t charge you.
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What our Customers are Saying

  • Pat Atwood

    Straightened 2 bent wheels in less than an hour at a very reasonable cost.

  • Ray Arroyo

    Incredible, repaired a bent wheel I thought was completely done and managed to make it look as good as new in under an hour while I waited.

  • Mike Monahan

    Carlos and his staff did a superb job fixing my rims. Great job highly recommend

  • John Sasa

    Carlos is simply the best.  Fast, fairly priced and a hard working good guy.  I highly recommend.

Monday—Friday 8:00am—5:00pm ET
11 Old Willow Mill Road
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050